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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

This was not what I was supposed to be focusing on today! I was planning a grand opening of my own room/shop in the very near future. But that (like many of your plans I'm guessing) is on hold......for who knows how long! But I love what I do, and I want to share it! So here I am, furiously typing up my first ever blog post!

I had a coveted room in an amazing shop in downtown Norfolk that was going to be all mine! I had my interior design all worked out and most of the elements purchased! It was so damn cute! SO ME! Moody boho with a mid mod twist and a smidge of vintage cottage vibes! UUUUUUGH! But it will have to wait!

So how did I get here? I'm a 43 yr old, nerdy, creative, coffee addict who really hates not being in charge of my own schedule. I was a hairdresser for about 10 years and decided to make an obvious (not!) career change to nursing......I loved helping people but nursing was too much stress for this empath. I feel other people's pain very deeply and it wiped me out emotionally. So, after the hubby and I moved across the country for his job, I had a chance to explore a new career.

The older I get, the more nostalgic I'm becoming. I started shopping at vintage and antique stores to pass the time and to learn my way around. I realized that I felt so calm and at home in these shops. I would see things that I remembered from my Grandma's house and it would instantly take me back to my childhood. I wanted to bring that feeling into my own home. But the pieces of decor and furniture sometimes needed some love to make them shine again. These vintage pieces have a soul, and when you bring them into your home, you add a uniqueness and warmth to your space that mass marketed furniture and decor just can not replicate. ( I can't hide my disdain for big box garbage!!) I quickly realized that I loved bringing these pieces back to life and my next career was born! I actually have a soft spot for anything old and lovely.

I started with smaller decor and then small furniture (aka smalls) but have worked my way up to larger pieces. I love all of the pieces I work on, but Mid Century Modern furniture is my favorite. I am also obsessed with tiny drawers and dream of one day owning a giant library card catalog.....but it has to smell like the library books!

So while I'm working away on pieces in my garage turned shop, I thought I would start a blog and share tips about how to makeover vintage furniture and decor so that you can bring that unique warmth into your spaces.......unless you just want to buy one of mine....I'm totally ok with that!

Here are a few of my most recent projects!

#vintagechair #refinishedfurniture

The next several blog posts will be a series on how to refinish a piece of furniture with paint. I will go through the process from start to finish, beginning with how to choose the perfect piece to work on! I'm hoping, while we all have some time at home, that some of you will work on a project along with me and then send me a pic of your finished piece so I can share! Stay tuned for the next post.....I promise it won't be long!

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