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My name is Sam and I am a retrophile. I run on coffee and nostalgia.

I grew up near Portland, OR , just over the border in WA. Two years ago, we moved to VA and to keep myself busy while being unemployed, I started thrifting. The sheer abundance of amazing vintage treasures blew my mind. I had always loved thrift shops and antique shops. Nostalgia and coffee are basically what my body runs on and I could very easily feed my hunger for all things old and lovely in this area by rescuing these treasures and bringing them back to life.


One of my favorite things about living in Virginia is driving through the historical neighborhoods and admiring the homes. Two homes from my childhood that stand out in my memory are my Grandma Shirley's Mid Century Modern home with the olive green, striped, velvet wallpaper and gold shag carpet.  My Great Grandma's early 1900's cottage had cabinets full of vintage crystal and milk glass .  I felt safe and cozy in both homes and I try to recreate that feeling in my home and in my shop.  Because of this, my style is a marriage of Mid Century Modern mixed with a boho vibe and cozy cottage touches sprinkled about. There is no telling what you will find when you stop in to my shop! I've recently become a plant mama to many and you will find planters, plant stands and fun pieces to use for rock trays and base trays. I make greeting cards and sell masks, handmade by my mom. I scour thrift shops to find the coolest, retro treasures so you don't have to! My furniture is lovingly refinished and ready for a new home. 


I truly love what I do and admire the workmanship that originally went into these vintage and antique pieces that I refurbish. I try to honor that by listening to the pieces as they let me know what they want to become. 


My workshop is currently in Chesapeake, VA and my pieces can be found in my curated shop inside The Industrial Cottage at 2500 B Church St. Norfolk,VA.

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